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What is the Cheapest and Best Printing Service Online? When choosing the best and cheapest place online for small business printing, a few companies stand out as being both cheap and of high quality. The companies that are able to offer the cheapest prices often do so because of the large volume of printing orders that they handle, so the best thing to do is to find a balance between discount price and high quality. The cheapest companies offer little customer service, and your order is mostly automated, while other companies offer more service (including file review for any errors or color issues) at a higher price.

Because of this, the definition of "the best printing services online" depends on the specific needs of the individual, and the title of "cheapest printing company online" may depend on which promotion you are able to take advantage of. (see links above for coupons) The customer looking for the cheapest way to print 100 business cards might find that the best online printing service is completely different from the small business looking to print 2500 full color glossy photo business cards with rounded corners. Here are some of the best and most popular discount printing companies online that have varying balances of cheap prices and individual attention.

uPrinting Recently rated # 1 in the field of discount online printing companies, uprinting excells in print quality, ease of use, and customer support. It's overall rating causes me to believe it considered to be the best of the cheapest of online printing companies. It's also at the top of the list of these companies when it comes to customer service and the most positive reviews online compared to vistaprint or others. You can also read hundreds of positive uprinting reviews on their actual site, where they post an archive of positive reviews. (after searching for uPrinting reviews, I learned that they really aren't hiding anything, and most of their reviews are positive.)

After reading the reviews online, more than one person was confused by the printing times quoted. It seems as though due to their size, they experience shipping delays during peak seasons, especially before Christmas. Most complaints of shipping delays are eventually addressed, with more than one person reporting that a customer service rep had called them to address the situation, and send them the business cards for free.

uPrinting doesn't offer many coupons, and in fact recenty the best promotion you can find is for free shipping on certain products, and an offer for free proof with any purchase. The free proof is reviewed in person at no extra cost by a professional.

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vistaprint logo smallAbout VistaPrint - Rated # 3 recently in a list of the top 10 discount printing sites online, has been an online leader in cheap printing for years. It's hard for most discount printing sites to compete with their low prices, because of the efficient way that they handle their millions of orders. Printing everything from business cards to invitations and address labels, they allow you to customize dozens of small business products, and seem to add more every month. They offer design templates to customize, or let you upload your own design.

Vistaprint offers individuals and small businesses all that they need to promote their business by offering custom printing from their easy to use website. They offer discount high quality printed marketing products, promotional materials, and additional services including copywriting, print and website design, and small business postcard mailing. They are probably the biggest online printer, handling over 8 million orders each year. Their most popular products include their free business cards and free shipping promotion.

Because they handle such a large volume, they are often preferred by small businesses and customers who require less hand-holding that some sites. They offer cheap invitations as well, and another popular product of theirs is address labels. (for inexpensive photo invitations, also consider SnapFish) Customers with minimal knowledge of computers, and printing can design and create their printing order in a short time through their fully automated process. Also as a result of this process, and the huge number of orders that they handle, you can find many negative reviews about VistaPrint; consider though, that they handle millions of printing orders, so even though you can find many negative reviews, these represent a very small percentage of actual orders. Although some people complain about the "free offers" that they try to get you to sign up for at checkout, these annoying offers are all optional and should just be ignored.

Their site is recommended to those who are looking for professional quality printing at cheap prices. If you need personal attention, or have many questions during the design process, you can either take advantage of their additional services (such as design and mailing) or consider a company like PrintPlace that includes free file review and "pre flight services."

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printed materialsAbout Overnight Prints - Rated # 5 in a poll of the top 10 online printing services, is a comparable alternative to VistaPrint that offers cheap offset printing online. They offer a similar selection of marketing products, specializing in discount business cards and postcard marketing starting at $5.95. Their business cards are especially popular, as they offer free rounded corners and glossy finish. You can choose from their thousands of design templates, or upload your own design for free.

Premium paper printing stock is one of their specialties. Overnight Prints boasts the use of 15pt paper for business cards & postcards, which actually becomes as thick as 16pt paper after their two-sided glossy or matte finish is applied. They also offer acid free 70 pound paper for letterhead (minimum see through) as well as high quality clay coated paper for color greeting cards.

Unlike most online print companies who do their printing digitally, Overnight Prints boasts the use of superior offset lithography for most printed materials, resulting in a more professional appearance. Their high-resolution printers are capable of 4800 dpi printing, giving prints rich colors and sharp edges that other discount online print companies can't match.

Due to the high volume of orders that they handle, they are able to have an entire department in their company that focuses just on cutting. This allows them to offer full-bleed print trimming and tight cutting tolerance within 1/16 of an ince of the edge of your printed material. Combined with their smooth, bright colors and quality coating options, their mission is to give your prints the look of having been printed at an expensive printing boutique at a cheap price. Like Vista Print, Overnight Prints has a relatively high number of negative reviews online because of the huge volume of orders that they handle. Their website (in my opinion) isn't quite as well laid out as some, so price quotes for a job aren't as easy to access as the more user-friendly price quote tool that printplace has. (I tried comparing the price and options of an order of 250 business cards on all of these online printing sites, and it wasn't until I had finished designing the business cards on overnight prints that I was able to tell what the final cost would be>)

Personally, I might choose one of the above companies, as my desire for cheap prices outweighs my need for individual service. A company with a large budget to print promotional calendars, for instance, might want to consider one of the smaller companies like Print Place. (below)

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printplace logoAbout PrintPlace Rated # 6 of the top 10 discount printing services online, Printplace offers discount offset printing online. (ALL orders are printed offset, which is a superior method of printing.) Print Place is a company that seems to have a relatively low number of negative reviews online. One reason for the low number of negative reviews is, of course, that they handle a fraction of the number of orders as a company like Vista Print, but also because they focus on an ordering system that integrates manufacturing and shipping for better quality control and efficiency from the multiple large facilities (over 200k square feet) that they use. An important feature of this proprietary print ordering system is that a proof of your print job is generated immediately while you are online.

Their workflow focuses on attention to color management from initial proof through print press. Once orders are placed, they can be tracked in real-time via their secure website and PrintPlace prides themselves on fast turnaround. Recent expansion to the West Coast has improved shipping times, with 1 and 2 day shipping available to most areas. One intangible that they offer is a phone #, encouraging you to call them with any questions. They pride themselves on their low price guarantee, which a lot of small business owners miss because they simply look for coupons, and not the actual cheapest price.

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In reviews comparing PrintPlace vs Vistaprint, or vs uPrinting vs OvernightPrints, I think the major factor is the size of the printing operation, which in turn dictates which might be the best discount printing company online for your specific job. A small order of business cards is going to be professionally printed by any one of these printers. If you want rounded corners, you should go with overnight prints, while if you are looking for the cheapest price, you might choose vistaprint, which will actually give you 250 business cards from $2 + shipping, or free (plus shipping) if you have their logo on the back. Printplace and overnight prints also have a free business card offer, but for larger orders printplace is more expensive but seems to edge the others in quality.

Online Printing Coupons: Most orders from any of these online discount print companies will qualify for the use of more than one coupon. These coupons change on a weekly or monthly basis, and may be the deciding factor in which one you ultimately go with. As for OvernightPrints vs. Vistaprint, they both are extremely competitive with running promotions online; each offering at east a dozen different printing deals each month giving you up to 80% off your order and or free shipping. Prinplace and uPrinting lag behind on the number of promotions or discount codes offered, as they prefer to add valuable services onto printing orders instead of cutting prices further. These services include free proof, free UV coating and more.

Some of the reviews above reference "vistaprint vs overnightprints" or uprinting vs printplace, etc. -- For more interesting content, consider "ali versus frazier," "Superman vs Thor," or "Godzilla vs Mothra"