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mozy promo code for a 15% discount coupon for remote file backup

mozy logoMozy Online Backup Solution Enjoy peace of mind, having the knowledge that all your important data and unlimited files are stored in a safe & secure remote location for less than $5 per month for your PC or Mac. Not sure if you want to pay anything? Try it out for free and see if you like it.

Click below to use one or more of these Mozy promotional codes, discount offers, and coupons. (Most discounts are applied instantly, or else a promo code will be provided)

15% Off Annual Subscription + 3 months free! MozyHome. Get promo code - 2014
15% Off MozyPro! + Up to 3 Months Free. Business subscriptions. Get code thru 2014
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15% Off MozyHome + Up to 3 Months Free! - 15% off. Discount through 2014
  2 Year Subscription - BEST deal! - 15% off + 3 free months. ($106 w/ promo code)
  1 Year Subscription - 15% off + 1 free month. ($56 w/ promo code)
  Pay Month-to-Month at $4.95/mo. No real savings with monthly. ($59.40 yr)
couponUse code at checkout. For both Mac & PC. Click to visit Mozy and view coupon
Mozy FREE Trial - 2GB of File Backup for Free! Mac or PC - Ongoing 2014 promotion
coupon Try it for free; no credit card info or promo code needed. View this offer & apply promo code
15% Off Mozy Pro - Business Edition - Includes 24/7 phone support. Promotion thru 2014
coupon Mac & PC-based business computers and servers. View this offer & get promo code
15% Off Mozy for Mac - Mac OSX 10.4+ Supported - Promotion thru 2014
coupon MozyHome for Macintosh. Use code during checkout. Click to get promotional code
15% Off Mozy Pro - Business Edition - Backup computers & servers. 2014 promotion
coupon Paying for 2 years in advance gives you the best price. View this offer & get coupon
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Norton AntiVirus - Big savings on this popular Mac & PC software. Click to get promo codes

Recently Expired Coupons & Promotional Codes:
15% Off MozyHome 2.0 subscription with promotional code: MAY - Thru 3/31/12
Free Trial - use promotional code: MOZYPROMO - Thru 3/31/12
15% Off annual subscription with code: APRIL - Thru 4/30/10

mozy logoUsing a Coupon or Promo Code
Usually promotions (like the Mozy free trial for PC or Mac) can be accessed just by clicking on a link above. However, recently the best offers have required a promotional code that must be typed into the "promotional code" box during the checkout process. (see below)

Upon typing in the coupon, the discount from the code will be reflected instantly. Usually a code provides a larger discount if you pay for a longer duration of time. For instance, paying by the month will qualify you for a coupon of about 10%, while paying for two years up front will increase the coupon's value to 25%. Promotional codes usually change the first of each month, although we post any new codes as soon as we learn of them. It's a good idea to write down more than one code, as promotions may change or be discontinued without notice. (see use of promo codes below) Type into box labeled "promotional code."

mozy coupon

About Mozy

backup serverOriginally founded in 2005 and is owned by the prestigious EMC corporation with offices around the world. Considered by many as the premier online data backup service for both small businesses and individuals, they Now boast over one million customers, & currently have over 25 petabyes (that's over 1000 terabytes) of data securely backed up globally.

Mozy was founded on the principles that you shouldn't have to even think about backup, that it should be dependable, secure, and work automatically. Whenever files (even locked files) are updated on your PC or Mac, they are automatically backed up securely at a remote location with a service they call "MozyHome." (thank you for making a Mac OSX version of Mozy, as Mac/Apple users are finally being noticed. Perhaps due to Apple's status as the country's biggest tech company based on market cap?) Most codes such as the free trial are intended for individuals, and may not work for multiple licences or businesses. Use a code above for great subscription offers, and check back soon as codes change monthly.

System Requirements

PC: MozyHome supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, & 2000.
MozyPro supports Windows 7, 2008, XP, Vista, 2003, and 2000 (desktop/server)

Mac: MozyHome: Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6
Pro: Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 (desktop/server).

Mozy Reviews - Mostly Good

cat stretchLike any software, it's good to do your homework before buying. In this case, the two most popular choices for remote online backup of files are either Mozy or Carbonite, with many of the reviews favoring one or the other. After scouring many reviews, the one negative point that I've read more than once is that Mozy doesn't keep a backup of file(s) that you have deleted off your computer for more than 30 days. To me, this makes sense, as I delete hundreds of files a month that I don't want mixed in with my valuable ones.

A recent CNET review focuses on this as a major "flaw" in his mostly negative review of the software, claiming that a used could delete a file and then not realize it for weeks, only to realize that the backup of the accidentally deleted file is not backed up online either. Is that really important? hmmm... could go either way, which is why reading reviews is a good idea; to make sure that the software has the features that you are looking for. I also found this negative Mozy for Mac OSX review. In this case, the free trial isn't a bad idea. If you like it, then buy the software a week or two later. (just double check that you can still use one of the promotional codes or coupons even after the free trial ends)

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