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Obey the Pure Breed

Nothing instills fear and respect into family and friends like a propaganda eCard from Let them know who's breed will soon rule the world, or simply use them as a means for intra-canine communication. Just select a card, write a message and send it!

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Boston Terrier1 bulldog1 Chihuahua1 Chihuahua2
Boston 1 English Bull Dog Chihuahua1 Chihuahua2
papillon dog pug1 pug2 Vizsla
Papillon Pug 1 Pug Patriotism Vizsla
german shepherd min pin dog chihuahua dog chihuahua dog
German Shepherd Min-Pin Chihuahua 3 Schnauzer
Whippet dog pug dog asparagus urine dachshund
Whippet WMDs Wonderful Pug Asparagus Urine Dachshund

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