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Cheapest remanufactured or generic inkonline and ISO 9001 Certified replacement inkjets

Don't get frustrated if you can't find cheap replacement ink online!

What is the Cheapest and Best place to buy replacement inkjet cartridges online? In choosing the best place to buy remanufactured (also called “generic”) or replacement printer inkjet cartridges online, it’s good to consider these three factors: quality of product, (with satisfaction guarantee) customer service, and cheapest price for ink; the latter often being decided based on the best available coupons and promotions running. Based on this criteria, there are a small number of the what could be considered the best websites to buy discount inkjet cartridges online. Before deciding which ink site is best or cheapest, it’s a good idea to have a brief education in what “remanufactured” inkjets are, and which companies are the best to buy inkjets from online.

What is Remanufactured Ink, and Why is it Cheaper? Basically remanufactured ink (or replacement inkjet cartridges) are the generic version of the expensive name brand ink that you get in stores or online. This generic brand replacement ink often sells for a fraction of the cost of their name brand counterparts at sites like 123inkjets,, and clickinks. In fact, companies like HP, Epson, or Canon will gladly sell you an HP, Canon, or epson printer at a loss (for something like $99) because they know they can make their real profit by selling their printer ink at a huge profit margin. This reminds me of the business model of companies that make razors for shaving. You'll notice lots of coupons for sleek new razors, but also notice that they only come with a couple of replacement blades. Same concept. Pretty soon you are going out and buying packs of expensive replacements, which is where the real profit is.

Back to inkjet printers; after selling you one or two cartridges of name brand ink in the future, these companies have more than recovered any profit that they lost initially by selling the printer so cheaply. If an average printer lasts three or 4 years, they've probably turned your family office into a nice little ATM!

Before buying generic inkjet cartridges from any company, it’s important to realize that not all remanufactured or generic printer ink is created equal. The main thing that you want to look for in choosing an online store that sells generic printer ink (besides cheap prices) is to make sure that your ink is ISO 9001 certified, that their inkjet cartridges are guaranteed, and that they have a good reputation for customer service by reading online reviews.

Look what we bought with the money we saved by buying name brand compatible generic printer ink!

What is ISO 9001 certified ink? ISO 9001 certified ink means that the compatible, replacement, or remanufactured ink has to meet the same strict quality standards as the name brand ink that it is being sold as compatible to. Generic inkjet cartridges have to meet rigorous quality standards before they hit the marketplace. The best inkjet companies online only sell ISO 9001 certified ink, and they also offer a money back guarantee. Don't buy cheap remanufactured inkjets that aren't ISO9001 certified, because there is no assurance of consistent quality.

Where Can I Find Cheap Remanufactured Ink? Chairman Meow scours the web to find the best coupons from these top ink companies, and provides them to the masses from his website at These companies consistently offer promotions and coupons to compete for the cheapest place to buy printer ink online, but you can often do some quick math to see which one is giving you the biggest discount. Promotions can give you an extra discount of up to 30% plus free shipping on your order, resulting in a savings of up to 70% compared to name brand ink! Most of these companies require codes to be typed in at checkout, so if you do receive a code, be sure to write it down.

Recently, as an experiment, I bought the same type of ink from several different websites to see which one was the cheapest place to buy replacement ink online, and the results are interesting.

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